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In a short while this service with no longer be free, so take advantage now!  If you have a song in mind that you would like to have analyzed, please feel free to leave a comment on this post.

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  1. I would greatly appreciate if you analyzed dona nobis pacem from the mass in b minor. Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Most of my analysis is of the music, not the artist.
      Since this is not a La Roux original, I'm tempted to lean toward the Mick Jagger version.

      Although dissecting La Roux interpretation might be fun.
      You'll have to wait and see what I choose.

      Keep listening!

  3. Wow, this is awesome. I have some difficult songs for you to lyrically analyze :D I've tried to understand them myself, but I'm not that good. They should prove a good challenge. Whichever of these you want to do (maybe all 4? :D):
    -Failure - Lupe Fiasco
    -Twilight Zone - Lupe Fiasco
    -The Pen and the Needles - Lupe Fiasco
    -Lupe the Killer - Lupe Fiasco

    If you only pick one, then it'd be awesome if you did Failure.

    1. sorry its taking me forever to complete...but i've posted what i have so far for failure and will probably do another Lupe track to celebrate the new album release.

      nice taste in tunes btw.
      have heard these in a couple years now.