Sunday, May 15, 2011

M.I.A - Teqkilla

Last year M.I.A. dropped the new album, /\/\ /\Y/\, which lead songwriter Maya Arulpragasem called 'schizophrenic' and Rollingstone called "the most abrasive protest music in recent history."  One track on the album, Teqkilla, will get you drunk.  M.I.A. takes a shot of tequila and dances.  The electro-club beat (produced by Dubstepper RUSKO) drowns out Maya's vocals as she plays word games with titles of different alcohols.  The song comes at a perfect time, when dubstep listeners are growing tired and want something new; while youthful revolutions denounce older monarchies in the Middle East and, most importantly, while the national past-time for this country's youth tends to be binge drinking.

The title, teqkilla, is ambiguous in that M.I.A. could refer to tequila or 'to kill her'.

The song is also unique in that Maya's husband is the heir to the Seagrams fortune.  Also check out the 'remixed' version that includes an extra verse featuring 'barbie' Nicki Manej.

Check out the video here; I would recommend a listen while under the influence.

liqueurs referenced in order: Johnny Walker; Jack Daniels; Jim Beam; Pernot; Kahlua; Smirnoff; Captain Morgan; Sparks; Blue Tattoo; Malibu; 99 Bananas; Seagrams; Chivas; wine; Sambuca. 
Down the drain, down the drain, down down down down down down, make it drop down the drain

We squeeze we sniff we cut it up, to give you the ultimate
Oh its M.I.A. Oh woah, Oh its M.I.A. woah
Rock it, just rock it rock it two for the stage, two the bars, woah

Johnny keep walking, Jacks on coke,
Jim Beam and Jameson, they give me jokes
When I Pernot, I say hell no
Kahlua's a turnoff, I tell him to Smirnoff
Cap'n Morgan jump up for Sparks, when we hang out he shoots arrows through my heart
Blue Tattoo chillin on Malibu, he got 99 Bananas but hes not my boo.

I got that sticky-sticky-icky-icky weed
I got a shot of tequila in me

When I met Seagram he sent Chivas down my spine
Got me on the dancefloor and we started to wine
His ex Sambuca, shes just a hookah
I put it on the chilla, but I want to killa

I got that sticky-sticky-icky-icky weed
I got a shot of 'to kill her' in me.

I got you off your f*****-face, I tell you what to do
You want your mother; you something-or-another
I got you off your f*****-face, youve half turned to another place
Your brother, you f****** nutter.

I got sticky-sticky-icky-icky weed, I've got a shot of tequila in me.(x10) 


  1. I'm gonna get my hands on the album. If it's indeed the most abrasive protest music in recent history it's worth a listen.

  2. Sounds alright, probably not something I'd listen to on a regular basis though.

  3. I really admire MIA's first two albums, particularly 'Paper Planes', but her new album just grates on me.

  4. what an alcoholic... im gladi stopped drinking a month ago!

  5. Some of the songs she releases are just weird.

  6. nice music on that video, I will downl...uh buy that album :)

  7. Just a heads up, your lyrics are breaking the tables. Did you mean to do that?

  8. Really catchy song, cool post! I'm glad I just found your blog, will be coming back often for updates ^__^

  9. track of the day, im sharing it with everyone

  10. I swear, since I started working at a bar, the "fun" of drinking seems to have diminished.

  11. Thats a great one and one that I was looking forward to! It's mia it's mia ...:D

  12. Wow, I must get the whole album! I loved Paper planes, but this one really rocks!

  13. nice ascii art there :p no rlly, good song mate

  14. M.I.A. Is certainly one of the most unique names in the game.

  15. She looks good in the picture!

  16. love the song and the video!


  17. This is pretty cool, I've been meaning to check out MIA for ages, glad I finally have now.

  18. The song is alright, and the clip is cool.
    This is a nice intiative, reviewing music :P

  19. Not much of a fan for the music, but altogether a nice review!